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Ensemble empowers artists to sell artifacts from their creative process, and tell the story of their project.
For every final project that gets released, there’s a mountain of files and materials that went into it that never see the light of day.
Artists release these artifacts to their fans on Ensemble, revealing the pieces of their creative process.


Artists tell the behind the scenes story of their project, showing how each piece came together.
These stories bring new perspectives on the work, and give fans and collectors a deeper look into the context of the art they love.


Artifacts can be song demos, storyboards, rough sketches, or anything from the making of a project.
By owning an artifact, you own a piece of the history of your favorite artists and projects.
Artifacts are sold as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Zora Protocol.
Ensemble is currently invite-only, if you're interested in dropping artifacts from a project on Ensemble, please contact us here.