Ensemble.Works is a new set of services I'm offering to enterprises. I'm assembling and representing great talent to solve really interesting problems --  creating bespoke ensembles from my network. Are you facing a challenge that needs fresh thinking? Odds are I know exactly the right talent who can deliver it. Using the one of the trifecta powers of design, innovation or modern marketing, we can help you make a quantum leap.
One of the greatest talents in my network has to be my friend Seth Godin, who continues to redefine Modern Marketing.
I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be integrating his new teaching platform, The Marketing Seminar, for organizations who want to increase Modern Marketing learning, practice and prototyping, and make it a common language for everyone. I love helping organizations empower people with new skills and thinking.
Seth has created a seminar+community experience that includes: 60 Videos. 100 Days. Assignments on your own time. Feedback from peers and great coaches. Over 6,500 people have done it and most have “shipped.” Including me. This is the first in a series of opportunities I'm offering. 

To learn more about the possibilities — taking Seth's Marketing Seminar, bringing it in-house, or creating your own ensemble to solve a new challenge please contact me at Julie@Ensemble.Works You can sign up here. You can enroll your team here.